Sanchez, 17, Melbourne.

I play teh Gee-tar,
And my stomach makes da rumblieez

Okay, so ever since i broke up with my ex. I had been really frustrated, frustrated by the way she treat me.
Ever since then I havn’t really wanted to get to know any other girl who could be “more than friends” purely cause of the fact that the girl i thought was so nice and sweet ended up becoming somebody who only cared about herself.
However there is one girl i could see as being more than friends with lately.
Although i have never actually met her. She seems to have all the same interest as me. Hopefully isn’t selfish and actually has a sense of righteousness. 
Hopefully one day soon we can meet and she be as interesting as she is on skype.
She is a lovely girl and i can’t wait to meet her.

I remember its your birthday tomorrow so im making you a scavenger hunt :)
You’re first Password is “Yo Dawgg”

If you send me this in a message on fb, you will receive your next clue :P 

I don’t understand how Girls can say, all men are dicks, they all want the same thing.

Well. You see, you may not know it. But a relationship isn’t about what you want to do, it hasn’t got its own set of rules. Its basically a connection in where you can make each other both happy and confertable in ways more than with a friend.

and so it doesn’t necessarly have to be about being together all the time or about doing stuff. It’s just on making eachother happy and want to make your partner want to be there for you.

So, if a guy asks for “Only one thing”.
You should be blessed. Many people are hard to please. If a guy only asks for some sexual loving and in return, returns you with everything that girls want. Which is “Going shopping, spending more than 1000’s dollars on you a year, taking you to dinner, helping with your hw, Dnm with you about all your problems and watching all the movies that you wanna watch”
well. as you can see you’re getting the far better end of the deal.
Because lots of guys HATE doing that stuff.
But we know why we do it?
because we care about the person we’re with.

For what we do, we spent everyday trying to please you and trying to make you happy. If a guy asks for one thing. I believe if you want to be in a relationship with him. You’ll return the favor. 

Like logically, Doing something sexually isn’t much at all.
Its like having a different type of hug, which i bet people hug all the time,
so whats the difference. I mean emotionally, theres a big difference to girls in a way i will never understand.
But from girls i hear “You want to be able to trust a person that they will stay with you and that there not only wanting you for your body” and also they are insecure.

Well the thing is. If he’s doing everything you want and more.
and you don’t want to do anything for him because you’re afraid that if you give him what means alot to you (your virginity or sex in general) he might leave one day and you wasted it or something.

well news for you.

If he’s giving you everything and you’re giving him nothing or close to nothing.
He will leave.
and you will just be crushed anyway.

I know it will hurt more if you try your hardest and they crush your whole heart.

But if you don’t try for them you will be hurt regardless.

So i’m not saying go be all slutty, and blow the nearest guy.

But if a nice guy comes along, who is willing to do whatever you want.

Return the favor.

Because i think in a relationship if each person tries to make eachother happy.

That is what will make the whole time way more enjoyable. 

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